BKS has evolved considerably over the past few years as brothers Matt and Kerry Stagmer strive together to create fantastic objects in metals. While the primary focus is on stage combat swords and related items, our highly diverse interests often send us spinning in different directions leaving a trail of wonderful creations and forms in metal.

While Matt breathes new interest and forms into the swords, Kerry trains with master craftsmen in metal forming, jewelry and engraving, bringing new techniques and ideas back to share. Together they push each others skill sets on a daily basis.

Baltimore Knife and Sword has been the #1 name in stage combat weaponry for several decades. Because of the huge demand for our stage combat pieces we often are limited on time for custom work. BKS takes a limited number of custom orders each year. Often they make a handful of one offs for general stock at their dealers around the country.

With the addition of some new tools BKS has now added pattern welding and crucible steel products to the growing line of available swords. At least once a year they smelt steel from ore to create our own blend of steel for high end customs.

Kerry and Matt have always tried to share knowledge with the community and with the addition of their annual hammer-in event they now have an outlet to reach further then ever. Once a year they gather the best talents and innovative thinkers at their shop to share secrets and methods with all that attend. After the event the knowledge sharing continues on many forums and ends up reaching many more then just the attendees.

BKS strives to make every weapon fully functional. "We make each piece a sword first, and then we make it look nice".  Every piece that leaves the shop is a functional durable piece that is meant to be used on the daily.

Our stage combat swords are welded and leather wrapped for a good reason.  Over the past 2 decades we have found through trial and error that this means of construction for out performs any other in day to day steel on steel contact. The handles almost never need repair. We strive to make swords that never break, but eventually all things can break over years of stress and we fully guarantee our work and will fix it for you. You get it to us and we take care of the rest.(wood handles are not under warranty) 

Have a large project in mind? We are open to talk, ironwork to cars, motorcycles or works of art. Of course all weapon related projects as well.

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Pictures of the
Stagmer brothers at work

Fire and Brimstone Tamahagane Bloom

Truing up a billet Tr


Forging the blade on our power hammer


Grinding/Polishing the blade

Shell Casting Bronze

Dishing a Cutlass Guard in the Press Tr