Baltimore Knife and Sword's
Pattern Welded Products

Double Clam Cutlass

The handle is Cocobola. The shape is ovate at the shoulder and round at the pommel.
The knucklebow is mild steel and was forged 100% to shape.
The pommel is our 8 sided faceted "ball" pommel.
The shell is polished mild steel and was hammered to shape.
The blade is made of 5 bars. 3 bars of 1095/15n20 at 29 layers with 2 solid bars of 1075 in between.
The blade features hand ground double fullers and a "not so" false edge. Meaning it is sharp.

The blade was forged by John Mitchell on our 90 Lbs Ironkiss power hammer.
It is a beefy cutlass with a handle made for a large hand.




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