Some of Ilyas's work can be seen here:

- Ilya Alekseyev -

Ilya Alekseyev was born in Troitsk (currently part of Moscow), Russia. During his early years he received training in classical painting techniques as well as metalworking education. After having moved to United States he continued perfecting his acquired skills as a way of keeping the traditions of the old country alive.

Ilya's work with Baltimore Knife and Sword company under the hospitable guidance of Kerry Stagmer and the rest of the crew started in 2012 with the joined project of arming the first American team to compete at the international Battle of Nations tournament. Although Ilya is capable of producing armour and equipment specific to many regions and historical periods his favorite area of specialty is medieval Eastern Europe and the Islamic world.

Ilya continues perfecting his skills and knowledge in the art of medieval arms and armour as well as his studies in ethical theory at American University in Washington, DC.


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