Wanted Items

We at BKS are into many things. We are always on the lookout for new certain objects that are of special interest to us. We like to offer our customers the ability to trade in such items for our products as we are huge believers in the barder system. Below is a list of things that we are currently hunting for. Just because something is not on the list does not mean that we don't want it, so do be afraid to ask.


- Vintage chasing hammers and tooling

- Power hammers and forging tools

- Large Rolling Mill

- Anvils (Large and unusual)

- Flintlock firearms

- Ornamental Turning Machinery

- Laptop computers

- Antique weaponry

- Dirtbikes (running bikes only)

- Books

- Pre 1984 Jaguar

- GAOP Period footwear



If you have any of these items and want to trade please contact us at

BKS email